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Our story about


Kumpulan BTC Bhd (also known as BTC Group) headed by Datuk Hj Abdul Kadir Sikkandar as the CEO, is a highly diversified Organization and operates with 4 main member-companies under its fold. They are:-

  • BTC Maju Holding S/B (Food & Beverages).
  • BTC Impex S/B (Textiles).
  • BTC Corporation S/B (Groceries)
  • BTC Bakery.

The board of management tasked with the routine operations of the Company comprise of members from the business community and hold vast experience in their individual fields. Each of the above member-companies has a network of branches in many parts of Sabah, established in response to popular customer-demand. These branches help to serve its large customer-base in the respective areas.

Our Business in

Food & Beverage

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

- George Bernard Shaw

Since being established in 1992, BTC Maju Holding has expanded and secured a reputation as one of the leading food caterers in Sabah. The Company’s clientele includes ordinary as well as high profile customers from all walks of life. Abundance in variety & range of flavors is what goes to satisfy the customers’ taste buds. From the kitchen to the everyday operations routine work is infused with excellence and professionalism. It is the Company’s passion to create memorable experiences for its customers.

As a Halal Certified Food Caterers in Sabah, we have catered to many large government institutions and corporate clients. We have adequate manpower, facilities and logistics capacity to undertake large-scale jobs to serve even up to 10,000 guests per day. We have the ability and resources to manage high pressure tasks.

Included in our memorable catering events are those we have had to host The Yang di-PertuanAgong, head of state of Malaysia; the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak; the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin; The Sabah Head of State, Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Juhar Haji Mahiruddin; the Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman; and many more national leaders.

Our operations are accredited by BM Trada Certification Ltd with a MS ISO 9001:2008 (UKAS Management Systems) certificate for meeting international standards. Our comprehensive food safety management system has also been awarded with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP 1480:2007 certifications from United Kingdom (UK). We have also earned accolades for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), BersihSelamatSihat (BeSS), MakananSelamatTanggungjawabIndustri (MeSTI) and KafeteriaSihat.

Our Vision

"The Company aspires to establish a chain of leading food outlets throughout Sabah, each renowned for its special delicacies and unique identity..."

Our Mision

"The Company will strive to become the topmost Muslim Food Caterers in Sabah by focusing on its own specialty and quality food benchmarked by strict hygienic standard with a strong commitment to customer-friendly service..."

Our service Motto

The Company’s tagline for the customers viz: “CUSTOMER FIRST, SERVICE NOW”, is strictly adopted and inspires its well-trained panel of staff to focus on meeting customer-satisfaction and speedy service. Likewise our large panel of staff -totalling about 700 heads- themselves are motivated to work together by upholding the spirit of being “UNITED, STRONG & EXCELLENT” to discharge their services efficiently to customers

Our Central Kitchen

  • Located behind the BTC Group Head Quarters at Kolombong, Kota Kinabalu
  • It is the backbone of our Catering operations
  • It covers an operational area of about 38,000Sq.ft
  • The cooking capacity could accommodate food supplies to as much as 10,000 pax per day
  • All operational procedures in the kitchen are ISO & HACCP certified
  • The CK food delivery system to customers is closely linked to the Logistic Unit which maintains a fleet of about 50 vehicles.
  • The CK employs a work force of about 80 operators including qualified and experienced Chefs.




Our Accolades

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP) describes procedures which apply to food premises in gaining HACCP certification. The scheme is requires the food premises to set up and implement a HACCP system that meets the HACCP criteria, followed by the application and granting of the certification. The certification process includes adequacy, compliance and any follow-up audits by appointed of certified auditors. The auditors will verify the maintenance of the certified HACCP system through surveillance audit. The certification is granted for specific food product and is not a blanket certification for all types of food product from a food premise. The scheme is implemented through collaboration between the external auditors and food premises.

ISO 9001:2008 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) established to assist the industry to achieve the standard of higher food production to meet the requirements of food safety and consumer requirements. These guidelines provide guidance on the key elements of GMP to the food industry from raw material receipt to distribution. The implementation of these guidelines also establishes uniformity in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the food industry.

Recognition " Bersih, Selamat dan Sihat " or BESS is a recognition given to food premises operators to encourage operators of food premises provide a safe and healthy food to customers. It is a program of improvements to the existing monitoring program implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Generally, there are four (4) main criteria to be followed by food premises operators before getting the recognition that:

• Operators of food premises that maintain the premises clean

• Operators of food premises to provide safe food

• Operators of food premises that provide healthy meals

• Operators of food premises to provide food in the correct portion sizes according to individual needs.

This recognition involves two components, namely food safety and quality and nutritional components. To obtain this certification, operators of food premises must comply with the conditions laid down for both of these components. Food premises operators can still sell food according to the original recipe as is; where food is sold already meet the criteria.

Certification of Kafeteria Sihat is one of the strategies the government done to help provide a supportive environment for people to adopt healthy eating. It is also the government's efforts to encourage employers to provide nutritious food, clean and safe for customers, by giving priority to the comfort and cleanliness of the premises.

This logo signifying the term “Halal” is used in relation to food in any form whatsoever to give the assurance that item sold are ‘Guaranteed Halal’ or ‘Muslim Food’ meaning to indicate as permissible by Islam to be consumed by Muslims and must therefore mean that the food for which such terms are being used:

a) Does not come from animals that are forbidden to Muslims by Islamic law, or animals that have not been slaughtered according to Islamic law.

b) Does not contain any substance that is considered impure in Islamic law.

c) Is not prepared, processed or manufactured using equipment or utensils that are not free from impurities as defined by Islamic law.

d) That, in the preparation, processing or storage stage, the food does not come in contact with or is stored near any kind of other food that does not meet the requirements of para(s) (a), (b) or (c) or any substances that are considered impure by Islamic law.

Certification Scheme " Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI)" is a scheme which rebranded to replace the Skim Keselamatan Makanan 1Malaysia (SK1M). MeSTI Certification Scheme is the result of improvements to facilitate SK1M food enterprises, especially the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to fulfill the requirements provided for under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

Through MeSTI certification, food traders will be guided to develop and implement food safety assurance program before certification is granted. Under the food security program, the operators need to develop a system of planned and documented practices and control records. Among the key elements in food safety assurance program is an effective control of the premises, operational controls and traceability (traceability).

Another added value there under MeSTI Certification Scheme is Competetive SME ratings Rating Evaluation (SCORE) by SME Corp and program guidance. He is also a need for marketing food products at Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M), COOP1M and some big supermarkets. The scheme is also recognized by other government agencies where it is becoming essential to the 1Malaysia Best Brand by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) and Malaysian Halal Certification by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and state Islamic religious departments.